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So you probably didn’t know but I was living in HELL a.k.a. Portland O.R. for 3 years. Was there for work and hated every minute of it. But the good news is… I’m super happy now! Cause I’m back baby! Back home in Harlem, N.Y.C. a.k.a. HEAVEN. The move across country was hectic and I took a little pause which explains my lack of updates. But that’s over so go ahead and expect it cause you’re gonna be gettin’ fly new shit on the daily.

Dear NYC, I love you because you keep it real, you’re super smart, you’re crazy talented and you’re fuckin’ beautiful! We’ve got too much in common to ever be apart again. XOXO-Eliza

Kawaii Five-Oh!

This INSANE video was created and directed by Miz Jeanette Jordana and Produced by Anji of WeAreMortals. It was shot in downtown L.A. starring @fridaysydell and @helenaveee and was styled by the infamous @macy_daisy ! I was first introduced to Jeanette in early April and having seen her work with EvilEyeCult, namely StreetScum,  I was super excited to collaborate on something cool for our upcoming re-launch. We vibed out, shared some images and I sent pieces down to L.A. Then Wa-lah this rad video! Thank You girls for all of your work!!! I LOVE it! XOXO

Check Out more of Jeanette’s work at http://vimeo.com/jeannette

OMG! We Are So LIVE!


We are LIVE! Check out our Summer ’14 Lookbook “GET YOKED UP” and  SHOP for some fly shit! XOXO Peace & Love, ELIZA



DRIPPED LA is a bi-annual fashion soiree and trunk show held at the Grand Star Jazz Club in downtown L.A. GGeisha the founder and visionary of DRIPPED invited me to present my Fall ’13 collection as a part of the live fashion installation being held on the upper floor. Hosted by the fabulous Laganja Estranja and modeled by a couple of my favorite insta babes the event was a big success. As a major highlight the event was shot by Palma Wright    aka @hateboy2 for COBRASNAKE! A super big deal for me because I’ve been following Mark Hunter’s work for years! Here are a few highlights, but see the entire DRIPPED event at http://thecobrasnake.com/gallery/dripped/  

A SPECIAL THANKS to the super talented Evil Eye Cult for styling, shooting and pulling it all together AND to the amazing RIO WARNER at GLITTER DEATH for the accessories!

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